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Welcome to the best Technology refurbishment company in Australia ,if we do say so ourselves , we love Technology and created Renewd in Melbourne to provide refurbished devices of premium quality across Australia.

  • Over 100,000 refurbished products sold since 2009
  • Over 98.8% positive feedback from customers
  • Over 11,000 positive feedbacks in the last 12 months


Same quality, better price

Renewd is the first brand in Australia that develops refurbished devices of premium quality. A Renewd product is a consumer electronics device that has been used previously, but has been professionally refurbished in Australia to the highest standard. The purchase of a Renewd product not only saves you money, but also helps the environment.


Quality control

To provide the best quality for you each device is put through a comprehensive quality control to ensure that you receive a high quality refurbished product.


Renewd is an Australian owned and operated company based in Melbourne, Victoria.


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